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By Dr. Steven Abrams, DMD
December 19, 2019
Category: Dental Procedures
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Are you worried that you might need a root canal? Know the warning signs.

A root canal is a commonly performed procedure that is designed to remove dental pulp (i.e. the structure that lies inside a tooth) after it has become infected or inflamed. Deeply rooted decay, traumatic injury to the tooth, and pervasive infection can all burrow through a tooth’s enamel to infect the pulp and root canals. Of course, your family dentist in Budd Lake, NJ, Dr. Steven Abrams, wants you to be able to tell when it’s time to receive treatment. Here are some of the telltale signs that you might need a root canal:


Dental pain is probably the most common and classic sign that a patient may require root canal treatment. If your dental pain is severe or worsens when biting down, then you could be dealing with infected dental pulp. A toothache, no matter how minor or severe, should always be treated right away by our Budd Lake, NJ, dentist in order to save the tooth.

Tooth Sensitivity

Some people have varying degrees of tooth sensitivity so it’s important to recognize that not all tooth sensitivity means that you need a root canal; however, if you notice a zinging or zapping whenever you enjoy a scoop of ice cream or drink a steaming cup of coffee and the sensation lasts for more than 30 seconds then you may require a root canal. This is another symptom not to ignore.

Discolored Tooth

Has one of your teeth suddenly turned grey or black? While it’s normal for teeth to dull and yellow a bit as we age, teeth certainly don't change color quickly unless something is going on. Is this case, this type of sudden discoloration is a sign that there is severe tooth decay and that the tissue inside the tooth has begun to deteriorate.

Swollen, Red Gums

While inflamed gums are usually a sign of gum disease, if you notice that the gums are only puffy and inflamed around a single problem tooth, then this could be a sign of a dental infection. Furthermore, if you notice a pimple-like growth developing on the gums, this is known as an abscess, which is a telltale sign of infection.

Concerned? Give Us a Call

Are you dealing with a toothache? Experiencing any of the other symptoms above? If so, then it’s important that you seek professional treatment right away to prevent the problem from getting worse. Call our Budd Lake, NJ, dental office today at (973) 691-8200 for an immediate appointment with your family dentist, Dr. Steven Abrams.