By Dr. Steven Abrams, DMD
May 12, 2020
Category: Oral Health
Tags: Oral Care  

Smiles are meant to last a lifetime, and it takes diligent, daily dental care to make that happen. With proper oral hygiene, you can have healthy, attractive teeth, and your family dentist, Steven Abrams in Budd Lake, NJ, is here to help you master caring for your teeth.

From keeping your teeth strong to assisting with total body health, here is why proper oral care is so important:

Cavity Prevention

Many of us have experienced cavities, and remember how painful and unsightly they can be. Cavities develop when the bacteria in your mouth turns acidic and creates plaque. That plaque then eats away at your tooth, creating cavities.

To keep cavities at bay, it is essential to brush your teeth thoroughly, at least twice a day or after meals, to make sure that food particles aren't stuck on or between your teeth. Flossing is also crucial for removing any bits from the tight spaces between your teeth.

If you already have a cavity, make sure to visit your family dentist at our Budd Lake office right away to have it cleaned and filled before it becomes worse.

Gum Disease Prevention

Plaque buildup can also lead to gum disease, a serious condition that could lead to extreme decay and possibly weaken your jaw line, causing your teeth to loosen or fall out. Once again, brushing, including along the gum line, is needed to keep tartar and plaque from building up and hardening.

Make sure to make regular appointments with your family dentist at our Budd Lake office so they can look for signs of gum disease, and remove any stubborn plaque with special tools. An exam and deep cleaning at our Budd Lake office is also important for scraping away any tartar that your toothbrush can't remove and ensuring none of your teeth are loose or damaged.

Total Body Health

Dental issues can negatively impact your whole body, meaning it is imperative to practice good oral hygiene. Poor dental health can increase your risk of health conditions like heart disease, as well as preventing you from eating nutritious foods that ensure your body is getting the proper vitamins and minerals it needs to be strong and healthy.

During your visit to our Budd Lake office, your family dentist will look closely for any signs of tooth decay, gum infection, or other signs of poor oral health. Your family dentist will help you restore your oral health with any necessary treatments.

With consistent at-home care, combined with the assistance of your family dentist, you can achieve and maintain a healthy smile. Make an appointment at our Budd Lake office today by calling 973-691-8200.