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By Dr. Steven Abrams, DMD
September 05, 2019
Category: Dental Procedures
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A family dentist treats patients of all ages, from babies whose first teeth have just erupted, to senior citizens. There are a number of family-dentistryadvantages to having the entire family treated at the same dental practice. From saving time to preventive care and treatment for hereditary conditions, a good relationship with your dentist is the key to your family's long term oral health. Dr. Steven Abrams, a family dentist in Budd Lake, NJ, offers general and cosmetic dentistry services for patients of all ages.


Family Dentistry Services in Budd Lake, NJ

A family dentist offers the same services as a general dentist without age restrictions. For many families, getting everyone to the dentist for regular check ups and dental cleanings, which the American Dental Association (ADA) and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends should be done every six months, can be a challenge. Busy and conflicting schedules and needs can make it difficult if not impossible to shuttle family members around to different dentists.


There are several advantages to seeing a family dentist:

Lower or eliminate anxiety/fear of the dentist - establishing an ongoing relationship with a trusted dentist can help to mitigate fears and anxieties associated with dental care, especially for young children

Comprehensive treatment and services - whether you need a dental cleaning, a filling, or a cosmetic treatment like teeth whitening or veneers, a family dentist is your one stop shop for dedicated and effective dental treatment

They know your family history - like other health problems, oral health conditions like gum disease can be genetic and run in families, so working with a dentist that knows your personal risk and predisposition to certain diseases, as well as your families, can make all the difference in the care you receive

Your family's oral health care needs may be somewhat unpredictable, but you can save time and money by scheduling the family's routine and preventive care appointments at the same time.


Family Dentist Budd Lake, NJ

For more information about the benefits and advantages of seeing a family dentist, contact our office today by calling (973) 691-8200 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Abrams.