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By Dr. Steven Abrams, DMD
December 07, 2021
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Having a family dentist that you can trust with your family's oral health makes coming in for dental appointments less tedious. Your family dentist in Budd Lake, NJ, also serving Mt. Olive Township, NJ, Dr. Steven Abrams is committed to protecting his patients' oral health.

Why You Should Visit Our Family Dentist

Patient Education

Getting the resources that you need to protect your oral health from your family dentist is ideal. Teaching you more about the best way to care for your teeth is one of the services that your family dentist offers. This service is especially important for kids. Your dentist will answer all your oral health questions.

Compassionate Care

Having dental staff that ensures that you're comfortable and relaxed at each dental appointment makes the dental visit less scary. Your family dentist in Budd Lake, NJ, also serving Mt. Olive Township, NJ, looks out for the best ways to handle your oral health problems using advanced dental technologies while ensuring that you're satisfied.

Dental Cleanings

Your family dentist cleans your entire family's teeth at your family dental appointments. The routine dental cleaning at your dentist's office is crucial to preserving healthy smiles in the family.

Early Detection

Routine family visits to your dentist allow your dentist to detect signs of oral health problems. Your dentist examines your teeth, gums, and other oral tissues during your dental appointment to look for possible oral health problems such as gum disease, cancer, or teeth decay.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Your family dentist offers cosmetic dental procedures to fix flaws and achieve your dream smile. Cosmetic dental services that you can get from your family dentist include teeth whitening, veneers, and crowns.

Emergency Dentistry

If you ever need urgent dental appointments, your family dentist can help. Dental emergencies such as a broken tooth, displaced tooth, knocked out tooth, or bleeding gums. Your dentist will attend to your dental emergency to protect your oral health.

Dental Restoration

Your family dentist can save your damaged teeth with dental restorations. Dental restoration procedures such as installing veneers, dental crowns, and dental bonding from your dentist help restore proper dental function. Your family dentist can also help replace lost teeth using restorations such as dental bridges and implants.

Schedule a dental consultation with your family dentist in Budd Lake, NJ, also serving Mt. Olive Township, NJ, Dr. Abrams, for proper dental care for your entire family by calling (973) 691-8200.

By Dr. Steven Abrams, DMD
March 26, 2020
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Life is stressful enough without having to worry about your household's different dental needs. Fortunately, if you live in or around Mount Olive Township or Budd Lake, NJ, you can rest assure that you can rely on Dr. Steven Abrams to provide your whole family with quality dental care.

Why Regular Dental Checkups are Important

Regular dental visits are important for you and your family because they keep your teeth and gums in a healthy condition. In fact, dental professionals recommend that you have a checkup at least every six months, as these appointments help you and your family avoid tooth decay, gum disease, and tooth loss.

What Happens at a Dental Checkup?

A regular visit to your family dentist is comprised of two procedures:

  • Examination: Your family dentist will examine your gum health using a specially designed tool that measures the depth of any spaces between your teeth and gums. If your gums are in good shape, the spaces will be shallow. Deeper spaces may indicate gum disease. Next, your dentist will examine your teeth for cavities and also check the level of tartar and plaque on your teeth.
  • Cleaning: At each checkup, after your examination, your dentist will clean your teeth with special tools to remove tartar. This process is called scaling, and once your teeth are scaled, your family dentist will polish them with a special paste to remove any stains on their surface.

Between dental visits, you should brush your teeth at least twice a day with a toothpaste that contains fluoride. You should also floss regularly and use mouthwash.

Give Us a Call

You need a dentist that you can count on to help you maintain your dental health and hygiene. Call Dr. Abrams's Budd Lake office today on (973) 691-8200 to make appointments for your whole family.

By Dr. Steven Abrams, DMD
March 19, 2019
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